About Lorraine

Thank you for visiting Eidyn SilverWear. For many years I enjoyed a successful career working in corporate business, but always had a desire to explore the creative side of my nature. In 2015 I finally decided to take a leap of faith and learn the fascinating craft of Silversmithing.  I studied at  SilverHub Jewellery School & Studios and that’s when my journey began. Working with precious metal, learning how to use the tools and the process involved to make Sterling Silver jewellery, was everything I hoped for and more.

In 2018 I received my first commission and decided it was time to create a collection. So during the summer months I put together my Eternal and Evergreen collections.

I love all things contemporary – so for my Eternal collection I was inspired by the never ending circle of love, the memories of family and places that have a key importance in my life.

My Evergreen collection evolved from our beautiful garden taking an organic twist of falling leaves to create modern bespoke designs.

Its been an incredible journey working with silver and putting together handmade pieces of jewellery, but the best experience is seeing the happiness each piece brings to the person who chooses and wears it.

So I hope you too will find as much joy wearing a unique piece of Eidyn SilverWear as I have enjoyed making it for you.❤️